Wikis in 08-09
Today we talked about wikis being interactive and this is an attempt to make this one more interactive. We had some problems editing at the same time, but we think this captures our thoughts fairly well.

We use wikis in school to show people what we have been doing, and I would rather make a virtual project than have to make one at home.Making the project on wikis is free, it is more fun, and you can share your project along the way while you are making it rather than when you are done. You can give your friends some ideas if they are stuck and can't think of a decent project.
I think that we could have interacted more, but the wiki-mail helped us realize that wiki spaces is one of the coolest websites that we have ever seen.

Ms. White: One thing I would like you to do is to make a goal for next year and tell how you will change your use of wiki spaces.

Sebastian: My goal for next year is that I learn at least one thing every day.

Ty: Seb, what does your goal have to with the wiki? I agree the wikis are fun and you can make cool projects.

I think that you said most everything, but I want to add that you can't lose your wiki unless you don't save or you delete it.

Darren : I like that goal but we only have math 3 times a week next week.

Maggie: Darren the next week of school is in August. But I like that goal too.

Darren: I mean next year. If you mean every schoolday.

I don't think wikispaces is worth my time

Sebastian: Noah, why isn't wiki spaces worth your time?

Noah:I don't see anything but playing games.

Darren: The Learning?
Noah: No one writes anything meaningful.

Noah: i'm staying on wikispaces.